Americana and Latina

976219_640932345920417_896149015_o“You can be a thousand different women…”
-Salma Hayek, Actress and Activist

My mom is a hard worker. She’s a strong, incredible person. Sometimes I forget what she’s done to be the woman she is today, and what she’s done so that I can be increíble too.

At a young age she left home to go to Los Estados Unidos, to escape an overbearing mother and a distant father. As a young girl I felt like I dealt with the same; yet I understood why she did what she did – and I neither had the resources or the determination to escape to a completely different country. Now as an adult, I know that my life was not hard growing up despite the amount that I whined about it. Podrías echar agua al mal. I admit, I was terca. Despite this I knew my mother just wanted to teach me that I did not have to follow her path or the paths I had seen others take.

“Young women should pave their own path. I find it quite confining to live up to anybody else’ expectations of who you should be”
-Jessica Alba, Actress and Entrepreneur

My mother wanted me to be better. She wanted me to know that I did not have a fit a specific category whether it was Americana or Latina. I could live in both worlds and never sink. I could choose who I wanted to be regardless of what I was told.

“I hope the fathers and mothers of little girls will look at them and say, ‘yes, women can.'”
-Dilma Rouseff, First woman President of Brazil

I hope one day Dilma Rouseff’s words can be true because “yes, women can” – “si, mujeres pueden.” Women can be strong, they can also be weak. They can laugh and cry, fight and heal, learn and teach, rise and fall.

I can be Americana or Latina. I can be the estudiante or the maestra. I want to be everything and anything because I can. Yes, se puede.


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