Americana and Latina

976219_640932345920417_896149015_o“You can be a thousand different women…”
-Salma Hayek, Actress and Activist

My mom is a hard worker. She’s a strong, incredible person. Sometimes I forget what she’s done to be the woman she is today, and what she’s done so that I can be increíble too.

At a young age she left home to go to Los Estados Unidos, to escape an overbearing mother and a distant father. As a young girl I felt like I dealt with the same; yet I understood why she did what she did – and I neither had the resources or the determination to escape to a completely different country. Now as an adult, I know that my life was not hard growing up despite the amount that I whined about it. Podrías echar agua al mal. I admit, I was terca. Despite this I knew my mother just wanted to teach me that I did not have to follow her path or the paths I had seen others take.

“Young women should pave their own path. I find it quite confining to live up to anybody else’ expectations of who you should be”
-Jessica Alba, Actress and Entrepreneur

My mother wanted me to be better. She wanted me to know that I did not have a fit a specific category whether it was Americana or Latina. I could live in both worlds and never sink. I could choose who I wanted to be regardless of what I was told.

“I hope the fathers and mothers of little girls will look at them and say, ‘yes, women can.'”
-Dilma Rouseff, First woman President of Brazil

I hope one day Dilma Rouseff’s words can be true because “yes, women can” – “si, mujeres pueden.” Women can be strong, they can also be weak. They can laugh and cry, fight and heal, learn and teach, rise and fall.

I can be Americana or Latina. I can be the estudiante or the maestra. I want to be everything and anything because I can. Yes, se puede.


Blogger y el Keyboard

Photograph by Gabriella FlaminiHola mundo!

My name? Karisma. My age? 22. My purpose? To advise, aconsejar, though my blog, Yes, Se Puede.
I know what you’re thinking. What could a 22-year-old know? Everything for her should be chocolate y turron.
Let me speak to you on a personal level.

I am currently a senior in university, majoring in graphic design with a minor in advertising. As a full-time student who is also working two jobs, I’ve dealt with many challenges, both personal and social because of who I am and because of how I was raised – in a split world, both American and Hispanic.

Now, I know, I’m not the only one.

I want to show you that there are many different ways to overcome these obstacles. It’s also okay to be confused about who you want to be or where you want to go in life. I want this to be a two-way street. We can learn from each other. After all, that’s the beauty of el internet. In this way, I can reach the entire Latin community – from the young girls who are still learning to the doñas who have been through it all.

After all, often times a child’s first teacher is the community that they are raised in and to reach the whole village you must start at the fountain.

I want to be able to pass along what I’ve learned because without knowledge, we can not grow.


*Photograph by Gabriella Flamini